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Remeber Me My Deir Cover

‘Frances Cooper proves the most able and beguiling  of interpreters, her diction crystal clear, her voice sweet and steady, her expression attuned to the subtlest affective potential of both music and poetry. Ferries, as on any of his numerous solo recordings, is a relentless exploiter of the percussive and cantabile qualities of plucked strings.  The blending of timbres and tone colours is nothing short of perfect’. International record review April 2014

‘This is a real gem of a disc…The programme is a varied and very attractive mix of songs, instrumental ensembles and lute solos… a winner.’

McAlister Matheson Music

Fires of Love Delphian DCD34129

‘This release contrasts the secular musics of Scotland and England at the time of James VI of Scotland’s accession to the English throne. The group Fires of Love have done their research, uncovering in the Scottish repertoire charming vocal and instrumental work (some setting words by the court poet and musician Alexander Montgomerie), all couched in a straightforward, folk-influenced style. We also hear pieces by England’s Italian-influenced composers, such as Dowland, Campion and Rosseter. The performances are gentle, intimate and never less than beguiling.’                                Stephen Pettitt


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Alasdair Roberts – Spoils, featuring Gordon Ferries, baroque guitar

“Lurking between classic Brit folk, its nu folk parallel and lo-fi indie, Roberts continues to surprise. After the death
balladry of No Earthly Man and the relatively upbeat The Amber Gatherers, he’s now doing seriously weird,
with added humour and tunes. Part-Incredible String Band, part- Lal Waterson, but mostly magnificently unique”
Colin Irwin, The Observer, Sunday 19 April 2009

And an EP with Alasdair Roberts:

The Wyrd Meme

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Distribution by harmonia mundi (uk) and forte (USA)


Italian by birth, Bartolotti was employed as a musician at the enlightened court of Sweden’s Queen Christina and in the opulent splendor of the Sun King’s Versailles.
His elegant suites for guitar and theorbo fuse contemplation and virtuosity, distilling the melancholic beauty of the French Baroque.
Largely neglected in modern times, Bartolotti’s music occupies a seminal place in the early guitar repertory.

Suite in G major [Prelude]
Sarabande in C major (theorbo) [Sarabande]
Suite in E minor
Allemande and Sarabande in C minor (theorbo)
Suite in G minor [Ciaccona]

Delphian DCD34066

4th Review – The Lute Society

Marionas – Francisco Guerau (1649 – after 1700)
(Delphian Records DCD34046)
Gordon Ferries, Baroque Guitar

Gordon Ferries weaves his way through the seductive labrynth of Francesco Guerau’s ‘harmonic poem’; sensual ballads, sublime passacalles and the virtuosic dance music of baroque Spain’s fiery underbelly. Ferries’ playing brings this beguiling world to life with elegance and passionate vitality.

Track Listing
Marionas (mp3 extract)
2 Marizapolos
3 Jacaras de la Costa
4 Passacalles por Patilla, 8 tono
5 Gallardas
6 Passacalles por 3 tono
Villanos (mp3 extract)
8 Folias
9 Canarios

La Preciosa – The Guitar Music of Gaspar Sanz (c.1640-c.1710)
(Delphian Records DCD34036)
Gordon Ferries, Baroque Guitar

Baroque guitarist Gordon Ferries visits the music of seventeenth-century Spain’s fiery streets – a time when the five course guitar produced a sense of abject horror in the morally inclined, citing associations with popular ballads, taverns, criminality, sensuality and in particular dancing.

Track listing
2 Passacalles sobre la D
4 Fuga por la primer tono al ayre español
5 Pavanas por la D, con partidas al aire Espanol
6 Zarabanda (Suite in e minor)
7 Preludio o Caprichio arpeado
8 Sesquilatera
9 Alemanda, La Preciosa
10 Coriente
11 Zarabanda Francesa
12 Passacalle
14 Folias
15 Matachin
16 Jacaras II
17 Chacona
18 Canarios II
19 Passacalles por la C
20 Villanos
21 La coquina Francesa
22 Lantururu

Les Plaisirs Les Plus Charmants: Works for French Baroque Guitar
(Delphian Records DCD34011)
Gordon Ferries, Baroque guitars

“Delicately poised playing” – BBC Music Magazine

From its earliest beginnings, the five course Baroque guitar was associated – for better or worse – with dance music, becoming the sensuous younger cousin of the lute or vihuela. In this mélange of music from seventeenth-century France, Gordon Ferries weaves a tapestry of sound that is at once elegant, earthy, and utterly timeless.

Track listing
1. Francesco Corbetta (1615-81) Prelud
2. Chiacona in C major
[3-10] Robert de Visée (c.1650-c.1725) Suite in C major
[11-17] Henri Grénerin (c.1668-c.1748) Suite in D major
[18-22] Rémy Médard (fl.17th C.) Suite in G minor
23. Francesco Corbetta Caprice de chacone
[24-29] Francesco Corbetta Suite in A minor
30. Robert de Visée Masquerade
31. Marin Marais (1656-1728) Air
32. André Campra (1660-1744) Musete
33. Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) Entrée d’Isis
34. Jean-Baptiste Lully Entrée d’Apollon
35. François Couperin (1668-1733) Sœur Monique
[36-41] Antoine Carré (fl.17th C.) Suite in G minor

Chansons a Plaisir: Music from the time of Adrien Le Roy ~ Fires of Love

(Delphian Records DCD34063 – Awaiting release)
Frances Cooper, soprano, percussion, Jo Hugh-Jones, baritone, lute and recorders,
Gordon Ferries, lute, 4-course guitar, percussion, Marcus Claridge, percussion.

Love and Reconquest: Music from Renaissance Spain ~ Fires of Love
(Delphian Records DCD34003)
Frances Cooper, soprano, Jo Hugh-Jones, bass and recorders,
Gordon Ferries, vihuela and Renaissance guitar, Marcus Claridge, percussion.

“… full of vitality and will soon have your foot tapping… delightfully sung.” – Early Music News, April 2002

Scottish early music ensemble Fires of Love serves up a feast of songs and ballads from the Spanish Renaissance and early Baroque, with a freshness critic Norman Lebrecht calls simply ‘beautiful’.

Repertoire includes works by Luys de Narváez, Miguel de Fuenllana, Luis Milán, Alonso Mudarra, and Juan del Encina.

Track Listing
1. Rodrigo Martines – anon. (Cancionero Musical de Palacio, pre.1520)
2. Ay Luna que Reluces – anon. (Cancionero de Uppsala, printed Venice 1556)
3. Paseavase – Luys de Narváez (fl.1530-50)
4. Cancion del Emperador – Luys de Narváez (fl.1530-50)
5. Levanta, Pascual – Juan del Encina (1468-1529)
6. De Antequera Sale el Moro – Miguel de Fuenllana (c.1500-c.1568)
7. Recercada Primera – Diego Ortiz (c.1510-c.1570)
8. ¿Qu’es de ti, desconsolado? – Juan del Encina (1468-1529)
9. Fantasia de Pasos Largos Para Desenbolver las Manos – Alonso Mudarra (c.1508-1580)
10. Israel, Mira tus Montes – Alonso Mudarra (c.1508-1580)
11. Con Amores – Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523)
12. Madonna Mia – Miguel de Fuenllana (c.1500-c.1568)
13. Fantasia de Redobles – Miguel de Fuenllana (c.1500-c.1568)
14. Fata la Parte – Juan del Encina (1468-1529)
15. A Quand’a Quand – Diego Pisador (c.1509-c.1557)
16. Niña y Viña – anon. (CMP)
17. Fantasia no.8 – Luis Milán (c.1500-c.1561)
18. Durandarte – Luys Milán (c.1500-1561)
19. Oy Comamos y Bebamos – Juan del Encina (1468-1529)
20. Fantasia que Contrahaze la Harpa en la Manera de Ludovico – Alonso Mudarra (c.1508-1580)
21. Gentil Cavallero – Alonso Mudarra (c.1508-1580)
22. Mille Regretz – Josquin Desprez (c.1440-1521)
23. Que Bonito Niño Chiquito – anon. (CMP)
24. Virgen Digna de Honor – anon. (Cancionero Colombina pre-1490)
25. Ay los Maytines era – anon. (CMP)
26. Calabaza no se – anon. (CMP)

Fire and Ice ~ Philomel
(Delphian Records)
Gordon Ferries, Renaissance Guitar, Robert Hersey, violin, Mark Summers, bass viol, Janette Brass, recorder

4. Daphne/All in a garden green/Cuckolds – English Traditional (Playford)

Red Campian

~ with Jeanette Brass, soprano, Alison Crumb, viol, Gordon Ferries, archlute/lute

Monteverdi – Lamento Della Ninfa

Dowland – Tell Me True Love