Photo: Alan Rennie


With original period instruments from the Reid Collection, Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments

Bartolotti ~ Bartolotti Gavotte et Double ~ Anonymous French 5c Guitar

Sor ~ Sor op.35 no.17~ Lacote with Sor’s signature

Sor ~ Sor op.44 no.15 ~ Panormo

Coste ~ Coste op.38 no.4~ Martin

Tarrega ~ Lagrima~ Ramirez

[Recording Engineer, Philip Hobbs]

An arrangement by G Ferries of the Irish traditional song ‘The Lass of Aughrim’ as featured in ‘The Dead’ by James Joyce, from ‘Dubliners’

An arrangement by G Ferries of the Irish melody she moved through the fair

A two guitar version of a setting of William Blake’s poem ‘London’ arranged by G Ferries to a traditional English melody